Sometime last year, I shared about how my husband and I both have a shared love for creative writing. He’s owned blogs before and has actually even wrote short stories before. In fact, it was one of the many things that I found really intriguing about him when we first started talking.

We used to have dates where we’d journal and have timed-creative writing sessions. Once the timer went off, we’d share our writings with each other. It sounds incredibly dorky, but it’s true and we enjoyed every minute of it.

As a result, we both talked off and on about doing something together because are both creative people who enjoy expressing our creativity. The challenge has always been to find something that we both could do together that wouldn’t feel too far out of our comfort zone.

For example, my husband is way more comfortable with the idea of making YouTube videos that I am. I’ve done it before it my naive youth, but it’s just not something that I am comfortable with anymore and wouldn’t really want to do.

We originally talked about starting a podcast or a YouTube channel about a year ago, but neither of us are sure right now if that’s what we’re being led to do. It was usually followed by a laugh, because neither of us were ready for that either. While we definitely have some interesting conversations, we’re not sure if we’re ready or if it’s meant for us to share in that medium.

Then came the idea of a blog – a place where we could both share our travel photographs, experiences, express our creative sides from our own perspectives, together. We could share that space with family, so it could turn into our virtual scrapbook where we encouraged people to cherish the little moments in life.

With our shared love for coffee, traveling, and creative writing, we thought it would be cool to share a space together. You know, in light of the whole “two become one” thing?

From that, A Cup of Kim was brewed (haha – get it?).

Right now, we do not own a domain, but are planning to in a couple of months after we get our footing with the design and everything of our space.

How will this be different from your current blog?

This will be different from my personal blog because while the purpose of my personal blog is to encourage other women to live purposefully and love with intention, our shared blog is meant to encourage everyone to cherish the little moments in life through our own experiences and collective nuggets of wisdom.

My husband isn’t into fashion, so there won’t be posts discussing fashion or anything like you will occasionally find on here. There also won’t be any prints or freebies (as of right now), girl chats, home decor tips, or anything like that. All of those things you can find being discussed here, however. 😉

What can we expect?

In short, expect a lot of family photos, videos, favorites, updates, and discussions from both of our perspectives.

Our blog will be kind of like a written, electronic, family scrapbook with words of encouragement and tips for other travel lovers. We may also, as led, share our opinions about things like faith, education and social services since we both work in those fields.

If you’re interested in following along with our adventures, be sure to view and follow our blog for quirky posts and travels!

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