You may have noticed that my blog has been looking very different, lately. Aside from my layout and branding colors, I’ve changed a few more things that I am looking forward to sharing with you, today.

New Colors

As you may remember, the colors I used to use for this site were blush pink, dusty rose, and white. While I loved and still love these colors, I began to feel that I wanted something new.

I wasn’t as inspired from my old layout anymore, was struggling developing a welcome page that felt user-friendly and worked on all platforms. As silly as it sounds, I began to feel that aesthetically, I wanted to add more color to my brand instead of having it be so pink. I feel this is so weird coming from me because pink is one of my favorite colors, but it’s true.

After months of going back and forth, I decided it was time for a layout change to something that I felt would be reflective of the space I am trying to create here. I also think I was just getting a bit bored with the original layout and wanted something that would be a bit more vibrant when paired together.

Goodbye blush, dusty rose and white. Hello, navy blue and pink!

New Newsletter

In addition to changing our layout, I added another newsletter to the website that is specifically for notifying you of new posts. Yes, if you’re someone who prefers not to receive updates about new posts only, you can opt-in just for new posts!

How this works is that you would receive an email each time there is a new post on Mondays through Fridays. Now, as overwhelming as that sounds, I usually only post 1-2 a week, so you shouldn’t get a whole lot of spam from me regarding emails.

I have been wanting to do this for a while because I often felt like when people signed up for C+B Insiders, they signed up for exclusive updates, freebies, and exclusive deals – not necessarily notifications about new posts. However, I just struggled a lot with finding something that really worked well with what I was trying to accomplish and would allow me to customize the newsletters so it’s easy to read.

While this is totally optional to sign up to, I’d love to add you to our list so that you can stay updated on the latest posts.

Click this link for an example of an email sent out to subscribers a couple of weeks ago!

New Additions to the Site

I decided to make a section of the blog specifically for sharing my favorites, so that they’re accessible throughout the year. Part of the reasoning behind this was because I felt like there’s so many things I’ve been loving, loved or eying that I haven’t shared yet. It made sense to me add them all to one place, so that way they can be revisited all year round and as I update them.

I organized them by season and included a tab for home decor so it’s themed based on what you’re interested in. You can find these items under the SHOP tab on my site. 

Although I am still adding to it and fixing things, I’ve also included a NEW LAYOUT! I’m so excited about it and making the site more user-friendly for you!

New Logo?

This is honestly still under construction, but I am in the process of developing a new logo for the website. I love my current logo, but I’m open to something that I feel will be even more representative of the purpose of this space and of me as a person.

New Freebies

Also, since it’s officially fall now, I can finally share some of the free prints I’ve been working on. While I do have an inactive Etsy account, I like being able to give away some prints for free just because.

Consider this batch of free fall prints as my virtual gift to you for the beginning of my favorite season of all time. All that you would have to do is subscribe to our newsletter to receive notifications of new posts and you’ll get FOUR prints sent right to your inbox. I’m also including one of my prints that I originally was going to sell!

Subscribe to Receive Your Free, Fall Prints!

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P.S If you sign up for the CB newsletter as well you’ll receive exclusive freebies sent to your inbox as well, so you’ll get double the freebies!

What’s going on with you, friend? What are some changes you’ve been making on your blog or in your life? What are some changes you hope to make?

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