Honestly, when I imagined decorating our home for the fall season, I imagined that I would really go all out with everything. I’m talking decor in every room, the front of our home decorated with the cutest pumpkins and mums, while having a rustic wreath on the door.

However, I quickly realized with all of the things going on in our personal life and the cost of all of decorating an entire house for fall, was just not feasible for us. Not only that, but our bedroom is FAR from being done. There’s quite a bit of unpacking to do.

This didn’t stop me from using some of the things we had from our wedding and some purchases I picked up on sale, however to adorn some parts of our home, which I’ll be sharing in future posts.

Today, I thought it would be nice to share what my ideal fall bedroom would look like. Because I actually plan to refer to this for next year’s decor, I am including colors and inspiration that would fit our bedroom, which has a navy blue accent wall. However, I think these colors would like nice with pretty much any color palette. 

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Credit to Target’s Fall Collection


Pretty much the entire theme for my dream bedroom for fall would be neutral. While yes white and pastel grey aren’t typically the colors one may think of when thinking of the fall season, but I like the look of them a lot when paired with others. Being that we have a navy blue wall, I thought that neutral colors would look a lot better than pairing it with bright orange or red. 

For example, I saw these pumpkins at Target recently and immediately fell in love with the hues. These would look really nice in my bedroom since many of the colors already fit the theme we’re going for for it. 


I love fall throw pillows, but I’ve always hesitated on purchasing them because my husband isn’t a huge fan of them. Now, he doesn’t really care if I do as long as they aren’t expensive, so I would love to have a set of throw pillows for our bed that I can alternate for seasons. For example, I’ve been eying a lot of pillows that have phrases like “pumpkin patch this way” and “it’s fall, y’all.” Clearly, I am a cheeseball.

“Gather” pillow from Hearth & Hand Target Collection


The truth is, I already own faux boxwood garland from our wedding that I planned to hang over a print we brought that says, “PS. I love you” on it. However, the first time I tried to drape it over it, the sign nearly fell off, so I think I’m going to have to nail it to the wall and hang it above it instead. 


I’ve been hooked on throw blankets since buying one for our first apartment we purchased our first bed together. It’s a greenish grey, which paired nicely with our sheets. Since it’s approaching the fall season, I’d love to get a plaid blanket that I can drape over the bed when we make it. 

Honestly, our bed isn’t made all of the time, but we usually try to since Reese used to like to wander around the house from time to time. When our bed is made, I like to add the throw blanket on top because it feels like it’s a hotel bed. 

One that I’ve been eying in particular is this throw from SteinMart!

Those are my items that I would love, if I were decorating our bedroom for fall this year. I’d love to hear from you!

What would you like to include in your ideal fall bedroom?