Saturday’s are usually pretty packed for me now that I am taking a language course on the weekend. It’s exciting, but it also means that scheduling things on the weekend turns into a creative game of scheduling Tetris.

Our morning, as most mornings for the past month have been, we headed to Korean classes, while my husband headed to help at the shop. It’s a really nice time for the both of us to spend time with family and for me to learn more about Korean language and culture.

After all of these years of dating my husband, I’ve finally enrolled in Korean classes thanks to my parents-in-law. My mother-in-law teaches intermediate classes at the school on the weekend, so while she isn’t my seonsaengnim/선생님 (teacher) at the school, I am still learning so much about the language from her. 

Blouse / Exact 

While most of the time we head home after Korean classes, every now and then we reserve Saturdays after classes for time to explore or just go on long drives. Today we packed up the car and headed to one of the cutest little towns in Delaware, which is Milford.

I am a sucker for towns that have quaint little streets with local shops lining them and the location of the LadyBug Festival (a festival with all female performers) was no different.

We grabbed coffees, explored a couple of the nearby shops just to see what was in them while we watched performances, and spent time walking along the street to enjoy the weather. It’s been super rainy where I’m from, so the days where we have nothing scheduled after classes and it’s nice, we like to enjoy them for what we can.

While the leaves haven’t officially fallen yet, it’s still fall and therefore seasonally appropriate for me to don all of the plaid-patterned things, including this top.

If you read my Things I’ve Loved in September post, you might recognize this top because it was one of the items I was eying and then purchased. I was back and forth about it, but the price was right and I needed new tops to wear for my presentations for work. After much hesitation, I am so glad I treated myself and purchased it.

What I love about this top is that it’s formal yet unique with it’s plaid pattern and black bow.  There’s something so preppy and classy about it that I like. That even with it’s loud, plaid print, it still looks professional and like something I can wear either out with friends or to work.

I wore it with a pair of jeans, but I personally think because of the cut of the shirt, it would look better if I paired with with a skirt. Maybe it’s just because of the way the shirt fit on my frame, but I feel like it would look nicer with an A-line pleated, black leather or corduroy pencil skirt. While it was nice getting to wear these so casually with jeans, I see myself wearing this top more to work paired with a more formal bottom.

Ultimately, it was a fun Saturday spent with family and getting to see a bunch of cool performers playing music. I am so excited to get to wear all of the plaid things this fall and get to enjoy spending time with family while doing it!

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What are some things you’ve done, recently? What are your favorite items to wear during the fall season?

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