It’s finally been feeling like fall where I am, which means that I have been layering up with coats, cardigans, and scarves. It’s truly my favorite time of year, so I am really excited to be able to wear clothing more appropriate for this time of year.

However, with cooler temps, means making sure that you’re properly dressed in hopes of avoiding getting sick. As someone who has accidentally forgotten a jacket in 60 degree temps, I have learned that dressing appropriately is a must.

In today’s post, I am sharing with you some tips for keeping warm this fall and winter as the temperatures drop.


I love v-neck sweaters as much as the next person, because they’re so flattering and show off the clavicle. However, it isn’t always the best for chillier temps because it’s leaving most of your neck bare. What I love to wear and use for layering are crewnecks whenever I’m headed outside. 

Not only are they good for layering with button ups under it, but they’re also pretty warm, depending on the fabric you get it in! I love crewnecks made of wool or heavy cotton


Speaking of layers, one of the best ways to stay warm during the chillier months is to layer up. In the fall I like to keep it to a minimum of two layers and during the winter I can wear as much as four depending on how bone-chilling the temps are. My mom used to always say it’s better to wear too many layers when it’s cold and be able to gradually take them off than it is to not have enough and to be freezing.

Friday Sweater / Faux Pearl Necklace


Silk scarves are cool and all, but they aren’t functional for this time of year, because they will not keep you warm. Wool or cotton scarves are usually your best bet during this time of year and are my go-to – especially the infinity ones that I can keep wrapping over and over.


This is a tip given to me from my mother, who used to make my brother and I put on vaseline or shea butter before going outside in our layers during the cooler months. I could not stand it then because I didn’t like how greasy it made me feel, but it’s something I’ve continued to do as an adult. It really does keep you warm.

The trick is to put enough that you’re sealing the moisture and warmth into your skin, but not so much that you look super shiny. What the vaseline does is it keeps you warm, keeps your pores that may have been opened while showering from making you colder, and keeps your skin moisturized during a time of year where you’re more dry than usual.


Yes, this is coming from someone who drinks iced coffee in every season, regardless of the weather. However, each time I drink it when it’s cold outside or I am already cold, it only makes me colder. This should be followed by a resounding “duh” – right?

I mean what else did I expect would happen?

If you’re like me and you love iced beverages during this time of year, but you’re also easily cold, maybe it’s best to drink warm beverages when you have to be outside for long periods of time and keep the chilly ones for indoor activities. 


Perhaps, this is just me, but my mother used to tell me this because I am known to keep my coat on well after entering a building. I get cold easily, so once I’m bundled up, I usually don’t like taking my coat off for anything. However, by leaving it on, even when I don’t feel it, my body temperature could be rising to the point where when I enter back outside, I am freezing more than I was when I entered in. 

If it’s cold inside, definitely don your jacket, but if it’s warm and heated, it’s better to take your outdoor items off while you’re inside. 


While yes, wearing wool or cotton will keep you warmer, it depends on the style or cut of the sweater. I’ve seen some super cute wool sweaters that I know would not be one that I would expect to be warm in during this time of year. If the sweater has a lot of holes, spaces, or cutouts, you might want wear extra layers under it or skip it altogether, for now.

The Friday sweater I’m wearing from J.Crew is so cozy! In fact, on the day I wore this, it was 60 degrees outside and with a small, rain coat, I didn’t feel cold at all. This is a lot coming from someone who’s almost always cold during this time of year. I got it on sale for $24, which is one of the reasons why I brought it and because J. Crew usually has good quality when it comes to clothes. 

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What are your favorite ways to stay warm in chillier weather?