One of my favorite parts about the fall season getting to wear plaid flannel. It’s cozy, comfortable, and can be easily layered with so many things. 

However, it hasn’t been consistently chilly for a while where I live, but I have been determined to make fall happen. Give me chillier weather that forces me to wear hoodies or layer up. I’m ready for it and so is my hair. 

Despite the fact that where I am the weather hasn’t quite been chilly enough for wearing flannels all of the time, I am realizing how grateful I am to live in an area where we have the weather we have. 

Yes, sometimes it’s unpredictable because one day it’s cold and by the end of the day it can be 70 degrees depending on the time of the year.

Yes, I’ve found myself frustrated on more than one occasion by a pop-up rain storm that no one predicted and I’ve had to go home drenched. 

However, I don’t have to worry about monsoons ravaging my home or starvation. I don’t have to fear persecution out of fear of sharing my beliefs publicly. 

There’s a lot to be thankful for and in today’s post, I am hoping to share some ways that we can all practice thankfulness as we approach Thanksgiving.

Flannel Top (same) / Grey Vest (similar) 


This is a popular tip and it’s one that I think is incredibly helpful for reflecting on what you have been blessed with. When I really sit back and think about all that God has given me and what I have, I am very blessed. I am also more privileged than some people in other countries who don’t even having fresh water. 

It’s so easy to take things like shelter and water for granted because we have them, that we forget how many people there are without those things. We forget that it’s truly a blessing to even be alive still. 

If you have a journal or a space where you like to write, I would begin listing things that you’re thankful for. Something my husband and I would do is ask each other each day what were some things we’ve found ourselves thankful for. I would try to think of at least five things each day that you’re thankful for. You’d be surprised how fast your list goes from five to fifteen without even thinking about it!


Something I used to do a lot more that I’d love to get back into is volunteering. I find that giving back to others, without expecting any praise or retribution in return is one of the best ways to love others and also realize how blessed we are. Hearing some of the stories from people who are on the street and what they’ve experienced, it really breaks your heart and makes you realize how thankful we should be what we have. 

I remember there was one person in particular who told me that his birthday was coming up in October. As soon as I heard that, I realized how blessed I am to have family to celebrate different milestones because there’s many people out there who do not have that. 

Giving back to others, for me, has been another way for me to showcase my thankfulness. In many ways I feel that I am giving back to others what God has mercifully given to me. 


I haven’t done this in a while, but I used to write down my prayer requests in a journal. What’s nice about that is it’s a nice way to track prayers, because sometimes it’s so easy to miss the prayers that have already been answered. There have been so many requests I’ve written down that were answered in God’s timing, that I didn’t immediately recognize because I was too busy focused on other things. Sometimes seeing it on paper is the reminder I need of just how good God has been and how much has transpired over the year where God has met in the midst of my joy and pain.

If you’re not a believer, perhaps making a list of things that you’ve wanted to happen that have been improving in your life. 


Another way to express gratitude this holiday season is to express your thankfulness. Whether it’s through praising God or making sure to verbally thank those around you for what they’ve done for you, this time of year is a perfect invitation to be more intentional and consistent about it. Perhaps it’s buying a dozen roses for someone who’s been a big support to you in your life or writing a “just because” note to a loved one. Whatever the method, expressing your gratitude through giving thanks towards others is a great way to express thankfulness. 

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What are some of your favorite ways to express gratitude?