Not too long ago, I shared some tips I’ve learned for keeping warm during the cooler months because where I am, it’s been getting chillier and chillier. 

However, I realized one of the things that I didn’t mention was that having hats will keep you warm. How could I forget hats? As my mom used to tell me, having the right shoes and the right hat is just as important has having the right clothes because heat leaves your body through the bottom and the top of your head. 

Well, today to make up for that, I am including some of my favorite accessories that will be sure to keep you warm during the rest of fall and the upcoming winter months.


The hat I am wearing in these photos has been a favorite of mine, recently. I purchased it while pursuing a Target for pants for my husband and was really happy with my purchase! I’ve been eyeing a beret for quite a while because I love how classy they look and was happy to score this one for the price that I did! 

Beret (similar) 

It’s a neutral color that tends to work really nicely with pretty much anything you pair it with – one of the reasons why I got it! Unfortunately, I cannot find one online from Target that’s the exact color I brought, but these are the same style and brand, but just in a different color. I’m assuming they sold out of the tan colors, but those colors are just as cute! 

The funny thing is I could not stand berets growing up because I felt that they looked too old, but now I love them! It’s funny how your style and tastes change so much so the things you use to dislike are now things you love. 


I love a good beanie – especially during the cooler months! Aside from how cute they look, they tend to fit snug on your head so it’s functional also. 

My favorite beanies are the ones with the little poofs on the end and with designs that set it apart. I feel like it’s an easy way to add a little something special to your winter outfits and outerwear.


Slouch hats are hats that work really well this time of year if you like keep your hair inside of your hat. I like wearing slouchy hats with my natural hair because for the most part they keep the curls from getting matted like a beanie or a beret would do. 


The awesome thing about plaid is that it’s a pattern that looks good in both the fall and the winter. Whenever I think of plaid I think of either frolicking through fall leaves or cuddling up under a plaid blanket with a hot cup of hot chocolate. 

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What are some of your favorite accessories to wear during the fall?